The Vall d’ Ager is located amidst the foothills of the Montsec , which is the classic pre – Pyrenean mountain range , placed east to west. The Noguera Pallaresa and Noguera Ribagorzana river´s erosion has created the Terradests and Mont – rebei creeks, which divide into three zones: Rúbies Montsec, Montsec d’ Ares and Montsec de l’Estall .

The Vall d’Àger is a great area to practice paragliding, avowed worldwide. Both paragliding and hang gliding championships usually are held and even international competitions. Recently this area of Catalonia has been selected by the magazine Cross Country as one of the best in the world for practicing paragliding.

The streets of Ager, the town that gives its name to this valley located in the province of Lleida, in the westernmost region of Catalonia, have a medieval origin and are configured radially from its highest point, the Colegiata. At that time it had a wall for defense, built over the ruins of an ancient Roman castle of the fourth century, which played a key role the fortress built by Arnau Mir de Tost in the eleventh century during the reconquest.



Phone Location
Cal Maciarol 973455047 Àger
Càmping Vall d’Àger 973455200 Àger
Casa Portolà 973455142 Àger
Hostal Molí 973455102 Àger
Port d’Àger 973292298 Àger
Masia Serret 647284137 Àger
Casamons 644862320 Àger
Casa Ros 973455138 Agulló
Casa Contorna 973447184 Agulló
Hotel Terradets 973651120 Cellers
Monestir de les Avellanes 973438006 Les Avellanes
Casa Lidia 644393506 Guardia de Noguera
Cal Maciarol 973455047 Àger
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Restaurante camping la vall d’Àger 973455200 Àger
Lo Poble 973455019 Àger
Casa Xalets 973455296 Àger
Port d’Àger 973292298 Àger
Casa Mercè 973292032 Fontdepou
Hotel Terradets 973651120 Cellers
Restaurant del Doll 973455095 La Baronia
Bar Lo Torres 973455172 Àger
Bar de la gasolinera 973455078 Àger


Monuments of Sant Pere de Ager

The highlight of the town of Ager from an architectural point of view, are the remains of the monumental ensemble of Sant Pere: the castle and the collegiate church that make up the core and highest point of the town.

Other points of interest are Iglesia of San Vicente, the murals of the chapel of Calvari and the hermitage of Pertusa found within the remains of a defense fortress castle of the castle of Sant Llorenç.

Hermitage of Pertusa

Located at the western end of Catalonia is the hermitage of Pertusa, a curious Romanesque building of the eleventh century, accessible by a steep path that runs through a forest. After a short walk of about 15 minutes we can enjoy superb views of the marsh of Santa Ana and the gorge of Mont Rebei.

The Montsec mountain range

The spectacular Montsec mountain range, of great geological value, reigns over the valley with its imposing rocky walls 40 kilometers long and reaching a maximum height of 1670 meters at the peak of Sant Alis from which you can see to the north part of the Aragonese and Catalan Pyrenees and to the south the flat of Lleida and even on clear days the mountain of Montserrat in Barcelona.

The gorge of Mont-Rebei

Its spectacular scenery makes a walking tour highly recommended, requiring a walk of about 3 hours. We can also go paragliding or kayaking. The border between Catalonia and Aragon is over the Mont-Rebei Gorge, a path carved into living rock that connects the Vall d’Ager with the town of Pont de Montañana, following the course of the river Noguera Ribagorzana.

Observation Center of the Universe

Observation Center of the Universe is a modern astronomical complex, dedicated to teaching and popularizing astronomy and geology in Catalonia. It has a fantastic astronomical device with a mobile observation dome of 12 meters of diameter, unique in the world, which takes advantage of the ideal conditions of the  Vall d’Ager’s sky, one with the lowest light pollution in Catalonia. This center attracts a large numbers of visitors who enjoy its facilities for a small fee.

Hiking in La Vall d'Ager

Montsec and Lleida Prepyrenees tourist guide

Montsec tourist map


GPS coordinates X: 0.76439444156298297, Y: 42.002824063462697




When you arrive in Àger you will have to come to our office located in the Masia Cal Maciarol, located 1.5 km from the town. The access way to go there comes from the main road, in the oposite direction from the fire station by a paved road. (See map)