Unlike most flight areas, in Àger we have excellent accessibility conditions to our main takeoff spot of Coll d’Àres. In order to adapt to the different budgets and circumstances of each client, we don’t include the transportation in the prices of the flights, we give you the freedom to choose between doing it with your own means or with ours. Carrying out transportation by means of the customer means that we do not mobilize our vehicles and therefore save that cost for the customer.

The road to the most common takeoff spot is fully paved and is suitable for any vehicle. Although it is a mountain road it is very easy to drive in it, no big cliffs and the 1000 m. of altitude are gradually being reached without abrupt slopes. The road is approximately 10km and takes about 15/20 minutes to get to the end. If due to weather conditions (wind direction, intensity, etc.) it would be required the use alternative takeoffs, we inform you that these are accessed by forest tracks in good condition.


In the flight prices IT’S NOT INCLUDED the transportation to takeoff, to go from our meeting point to the takeoff spot there are two options:

1- Hire transportation with us, we have vehicles solely for this purpose, the price is 10€ per person and you don’t have to worry about anything.

2- You can do it with your own vehicle, in this case you must know that in your car you must carry a pilot and a paraglider for each person who will do the flight. In the case of choosing this option, it is highly recommended to come accompanied by someone who will return the car to the landing spot that is next to our office.

It is not necessary to decide the transportation in advance, you can decide it even at the last moment.

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